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Want to get the most out of The Golden Goose Guide? Start with the The 7 Golden Milestones to Financial Freedom and you can finish Golden Milestone #1 in seconds, your first step towards completing your journey. Find out how to transform your finances with Golden Milestone #7: Win Financial Freedom.

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How we travel the world for free while keeping our home & pets safe: House Sitting at a Magnificent English Estate

Win Financial Freedom by Building Ownership

I’ve collected the Golden Rules that you've seen throughout our articles in one place:

Golden Rule #1: The most effective method of going from rags to riches is ownership.


Golden Rule #2: If you don’t understand it, don’t sign it.

Golden Rule #3: Always leave yourself an escape plan.

Golden Rule #4: Only use the tool if it saves you more time than it takes you to use.

Golden Rule #5: Don't trust the experts and always do your own research.

Golden Rule #6: Verify. Preferably in writing.

Golden Rule #7: You have a thousand coins you can spend, or a thousand seeds you can plant.

Golden Rule #8: Don't trust people who get paid to tell you what you want to hear.

Golden Rule #9: The only Holy Grail is timing ownership in the beginning stanges of a parabolic market.

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